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Works by Thompson, Bruce

Thompson, Bruce   Un Diario Español, Página 92   Horn
This brilliant, audience pleasing duet is based largely on Spanish motives, in a similar vein as the Buyanovsky España. However, in addition to all the flamenco bravura it includes beautiful free, mellifluous sections. A great change of pace from all the baroque and classical duet repertoire.
Thompson, Bruce   Of Unicorns in Curvet   Horn
Winthrop University professor Thompson explores a triadic motive in a work which lies comfortably for the horn and is accessible to the audience, and extracts from the horn a variety of colors without resorting to the usual litany of special effects.
Thompson, Bruce   Three Anachronisms   Brass Trio (Trumpet, Horn, Trombone)
This exciting addition to the trio repertoire is written in a fairly conservative idiom which makes it immediately accessible and popular with general audiences, and an ideal companion piece to the Poulenc Sonata. Its three brief movements include a fanfarish "Intrada", a melancholy "Berceuse", and the energetic, minimalist-influenced "Reticula".
Thompson, Bruce   Venatic Chronicle   Horn and Piano
This colorful, virtuosic work is a prime example of contemporary music idiomatic for the horn. The three movements include "Pronouncement and Assemblage", alternatively lyrical and florid, the Bartokian "Cadences of a Darkened Wood", and the reflective soliloquies and frenzied horn calls of a "Dawn Foray". Hornists who enjoy performing the Gordon Jacob Concerto will love Venatic Chronicle.
Thompson, Bruce   Seven Epitaphs   Horn, Cello, Voice (Mezzo/Baritone) an Piano
Seven colorful settings of actual gravestone texts which range from deadly serious to almost slapstick. An entertaining work to which audiences respond openly, once they realize they may laugh at en epitaph.

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