Dido and Aeneas, Z. 626
Purcell, Henry
Edition: Cummings
str, mx chor
Item K-A2328

Full Conductor's Score
Full Set of Parts (with the minimum count of string parts: 2-2-1-1-1)
Single or Additional String/Wind/Percussion/Harp Part:
Piano/Vocal Score
Choral Score
Overture 1. Solo and Chorus: Shake the Cloud 2. Song: Ah! Belinda 3. Recitative: Grief Increases 4. Chorus: When Monarchs Unite 5. Recitative: Whence Could so Much Virtue Spring 6. Duet and Chorus: Fear No Danger 7. Recitative: See Your Royal Guest 8. Chorus: Cupid Only 9. Recitative: If Not for Mine 10. Air: Persue Thy Conquest 11. Chorus: To the Hills and the Vales 12: The Triumphing Dance 13. Prelude for the Witches 14. Chorus: Harm's Our Delight 15. Recitative: The Queen of Carthage 16. Chorus: Ho! Ho! Ho! 17. Recitative: Ruin'd Ere the Set of Sun 18. Chorus: Ho! Ho! Ho! 19. Duet: But, Ere we This Perform 20. Chorus: In Our Deep Vaulted Cell 21. Echo Dance of Furies 22. Ritornelle 23. Song and Chorus: Thanks to These Lonesome Vales 24. Song: Oft She Visits 25. Recitative: Behold, Upon My Bended Spear 26. Song and Chorus: Haste to Town 27. Recitative: Stay, Prince 28. Prelude, Song and Chorus: Come Away, Fellow Sailors 29. The Sailors' Dance 30a. Recitative: See the Flags 30b. Song: Our Next Motion Must Be to Storm 31. Chorus: Destruction's Our Delight 32. The Witches' Dance 33. Recitative: Your Counsel 34. Recitative: But Death, Alas! 35. Chorus: Great Minds 36. Recitative: Thy Hand, Belinda 37. Song: When I am Laid in Earth 38. With Drooping Wings