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The horn list is a free forum for the exchange of information and opinions related to the horn and horn performance. It is a meeting point where all hornists - professionals, students, and amateurs alike - can trade ideas in a congenial, constructive atmosphere, governed by the rules of mutual respect and common courtesy.

To this end, we ask that all subscribers agree to adhere to the following guidelines:

We all benefit from a lively, colorful interaction, but all participants are requested to keep their comments civil and constructive. Since this list is open to hornists of all ages, appropriate language should be used at all times.

The list is intended to focus on all aspects of the horn and horn playing, and related subject material. However, postings which aren't strictly horn-related but are of general interest (for example, humor postings) are welcome, but should include "NHR" (for non-horn-related) in the subject field.

Non-horn-related items which are highly controversial or may be offensive to some members (including the "classics" such as politics and religion) should not be posted to the list, as there are more appropriate forums for these topics elsewhere.

Postings to the list should be of general interest. Whenever a discussion is primarily between two individuals and not relevant to others, members are encouraged to take that discussion off-list.

Posting of chain letters, petitions, virus warnings (the vast majority of which turn out to be hoaxes), etc., is specifically not permitted.

Tasteful messages of a commercial nature, in the form of announcements of new horn-related products, etc., are permissible, if and only if related to the horn, but members are asked not to blatantly or repeatedly plug products.

In the interest of encouraging an environment of mutual respect in our discussions, all members are encouraged to sign their postings. The use of fake email addresses, multiple alias accounts, etc., will not be permitted.

The horn list is "closed", in the sense that a person who is not subscribed cannot post directly to the list. However, any person who chooses not to subscribe, but has relevant material which they would like to post to the list, is welcome to send that information by email to and if appropriate, it will be forwarded to the list.

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or send e-mail to: asking to be subscribed manually, and specifying whether you prefer to receive the normal version or the digest.

For Spanish speakers, there is also a companion list available in Spanish. For further information, click here.

Thank you very much for your attention to these guidelines. I look forward to an engaging discussion...

David B. Thompson
Administrator, Horn List at Yahoo