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Works by Barret, A. M. R.

Barret, A. M. R.  Edition: Schuring, Martin  Forty Progressive Melodies   Oboe
Barret, A. M. R.  Edition: Schuring, Martin  Method (Complete)   Oboe
The Oboe Method, long a standard text for oboists, will assure ease of play for advancing oboists. This newly engraved and revised edition, edited by Martin Schuring, corrects the mistakes and inconsistencies found in Barret's original publication, and has been expanded to include all of the sections of Barret's original publication studied by oboists today. Sections: Excerpts from Barret's Principles of Music * Thirty Scales for the Study of Articulation * Twelve Articulation Exercises * Forty Progressive Melodies * Four Sonatas * Sixteen Grand Studies.
Barret, A. M. R.  Edition: Martin Schuring, ed.  Sixteen Grand Studies
Sixteen Grand Studies for Oboe is the third book in our A.M.R. Barret reprint series. Newly engraved, it provides excellent supplemental material for the student or professional oboist. These studies were originally part of the Complete Oboe Method.

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