Sonate per Clavicembalo Volume 2
Volume 2 (n019 A 36) Piano
Item X-RIER2750
This critical edition of all the sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti is justified by the necessity of offering performers and scholars a text which is philologically faithful to the author's intentions (in so far as this can be reconstructed through a comparative study of the surviving printed and manuscript sources) and which is presented as authentically as possible, free from editorial interference or suggestions for performance or interpretation.

Contents:•SONATA L106 K90•SONATA L111 K123•SONATA L122 K118•SONATA L130 K111•SONATA L138 K109 •SONATA L176 K91•SONATA L181 K121•SONATA L186 K127•SONATA L190 K130•SONATA L204 K105
•SONATA L215 K120•SONATA L221 K134•SONATA L224 K135•SONATA L231 K31•SONATA L232 K124
•SONATA L233 K103•SONATA L244 K117•SONATA L249 K108•SONATA L282 K133•SONATA L296 K128
•SONATA L298 K112•SONATA L300 K131•SONATA L315 K137•SONATA L317 K99•SONATA L325 K98
•SONATA L334 K122•SONATA L336 K93•SONATA L344 K114•SONATA L345 K113•SONATA L355 K100
•SONATA L362 K92•SONATA L377 K136•SONATA L402 K126•SONATA L407 K115•SONATA L415 K119
•SONATA L437 K106•SONATA L442 K104•SONATA L452 K116•SONATA L457 K132•SONATA L460 K129
•SONATA L464 K138•SONATA L465 K96•SONATA L469 K110•SONATA L474 K107•SONATA L487 K125
•SONATA L494 K101•SONATA L89 K102