Suites, Lessons & Pieces for the Harpsichord, Vol. 4(ed. Squire)
Purcell, Henry
Harpsichord (or Piano)
Item K-W7144
1. Twelve Lessons from "Musick's Handmaid", Part II:
i. Song Tune
ii. [untitled]
iii. March
iv. New Minuet
v. Minuet
vi. Minuet
vii. A New Scotch Tune
viii. A New Ground
ix. A New Irish Tune - Lilliburlero
x. Rigadoon
xi. Sefauchi's Farewell
xii. Minuet
2. Almand
3. Borry
4. Prelude
5. The Queen's Dolour, a Farewell
6. Minuet
7. A Ground