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Zachow, Friedrich Wilhelm   Fantasie
Zarzycki, Aleksander   Mazurka for Violin, Op. 26
Zelter, Carl Friedrich   Concerto for Viola in E-flat (Mlynarczyk)
Zelter, Carl Friedrich   Johanna Sebus
Zingarelli, Niccolo Antonio   Sinfonia No. 7, Op. 22/3 (Malone)
Zollner, Heinrich   Unter dem Sternenbanner Overture, Op. 88 (Under the Star-Spangled Banner)
[collaboration] Bax, Arnold Bridge, Frank Ireland, John   Variations on Cadet Rousselle
[collection]   Old German Masters, Vol. V: Chorale Arrangements
[collection]   Old German Masters, Vol. VII: Christmas Music of Old Masters
[collection]   In Nomine: Old English Chamber Music
[collection] Anonymous Ward, Samuel A. Dunbar, Charles   Patriotic Songs [transcriptions]
[collection] Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel , Actual Composer Eckard, Johann Gottfried , Actual Composer Honauer, Leontzi , Actual Composer Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus , Attributed   Concerto for Piano No. 3, K. 40 [spurious attribution to Mozart – "pasticcio" arrangement]
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[collection] Bach, Johann Sebastian Handel, George Frideric Hassler, Hans Leo Pezel, Johann Christoph Schein, Johann Hermann Schuetz, Heinrich   Music for a Solemn Festival, Vol. 1 [Musik zu Ernsten Feiern]
[collection] Beethoven, Ludwig Van Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Schubert, Franz Peter Schumann, Robert Alexander   Music for a Solemn Festival, Vol. 2 [transcriptions] Musik zu ernsten Feiern
[collection] Brade, William   Dances of the 16th and 17th Centuries, Vol. II
[collection] Bull, John Byrd, William Farnaby, Giles Dowland, John Gibbons, Orlando   Old English Suite
[collection] Bull, John Byrd, William Farnaby, Giles Philips, Peter   English Virginalists' Suite [arrangement]
[collection] Buxtehude, Dietrich Lubeck, Vincent Bohm, Georg Froberger, Johann Jacob Krieger, Johann Philipp Fischer, Johann Kaspar Ferdinand Murschhauser, Franz Xaver   Old German Masters, Vol. III: Fugues of North and South German Masters
[collection] Byrd, William   Nine Fantasies in 4 Parts (Byrd & others)
[collection] Byrd, William Brewster Ferrabosco, Alfonso Parsons, Robert   Four In Nomines in Five Parts
[collection] Byrd, William Bull, John Farnaby, Giles   Fitzwilliam Suite
[collection] Corelli, Arcangelo Handel, George Frideric Manfredini, Francesco Schiassi, Gaetano Maria   Concertant Christmas Music
[collection] Dukas, Paul Ravel, Maurice Debussy, Claude   Hommage a Haydn [transcription]
[collection] Foster, Stephen Collins Root, George Frederick Winner, Septimus Kavanaugh, F. H. Power, James   Twelve American Songs
[collection] Franck, Melchior Otto, Valerius Anonymous   Dances of the 16th and 17th Centuries [compilation/arrangement]: Vol. I
[collection] Gilmore, Patrick S. Traditional, Folk Music Foster, Stephen Collins   Americana
[collection] Hassler, Hans Leo   Old German Masters, Vol. VI: Church Music of Hans Leo Hassler (Psalms and Sacred Songs)
[collection] Hassler, Hans Leo Schein, Johann Hermann   Dances of the 16th and 17th Centuries, Vol. IV
[collection] Hassler, Hans Leo Staden, Johann Froberger, Johann Jacob Kerll, Johann Kaspar Buxtehude, Dietrich   Old German Masters, Vol. I: Canzonas of Old Masters
[collection] Haussmann, Valentin Holborne, Antony Simpson, Thomas   Dances of the 16th and 17th Centuries, Vol. III

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