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Concone, Giuseppe  Edition: Brass Press (Blair Academy Series)  Lyrical Studies   Trumpet or Horn
Audio files of the accompaniments by Robert Gulya are available as a free download
Eichborn, Hermann Ludwig / Simms, Bryan   The Old Art of Clarino Playing
Fantini, Girolamo  Edition: Tarr, Edward  Modo per imparare a sonare (English translation)   trumpet
Fantini, Girolamo   Modo per imparare a sonare (facsimile of the 1638 publication)   trumpet
Lewark, Egbert   Brass Circle   Trumpet
Menke, Werner   History of the Trumpet of Bach & Handel   Translated by Gerald Abraham
Text in English
Roy, C. Eugène   Méthode de Trompette - Facsimile 1824   Natural Trumpet and Keyed Trumpet
Tutor for the natural trumpet and the keyed trumpet/keyed bugle
Arban / Maire  Edition: Alphonse Leduc  Methode, Volume 1   Trumpet
Arban / Maire  Edition: Alphonse Leduc  Methode, Volume 3   Trumpet
Bordogni   24 Vocalises   Trumpet
Charlier, Théo  Edition: Roger Delmotte, editor  36 Etudes Transcendantes   Trumpet
Dokchitzer, Timofei   Methode   Trumpet
Dokschidzer, Timofei   Methode (English Text)   Trumpet
Thevet, Lucien   50 Exercices a Changement de Tons   Trumpet or Cornet
Belfrage, Bengt   Übungsmethodik für Blechbläser
Text in German only

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