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Trumpet Studies, Methods and Texts

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Benterfa, Maurice   The Vibration Zone - Ort der Schwingungen   All Brass
Text in English/German/Japanese
Benterfa, Maurice   Site des Vibrations - La Zona delle Vibrazioni - El Punto de Vibración (Fr / It / Es)   All Brass
In French/Italian/Spanish
Burba, Malte   Teach Your Body to Blow   All Instruments (Français-Deutsch-English)
Caruso, Carmine   Musical Calisthenics for Brass
Davidson, Louis   Techniques de la Trompette / Techniken des Trompetenspiels   Trumpet
(Français / Deutsch)
Favre, Pascal   Memento   Trumpet
Friedman, Stanley   4 Etudes   Horn or Trumpet
Friedman, Stanley   Symmetrical Studies   Trumpet
Macaluso, Rosario   7 Etudes de Style   Trumpet
Mase, Raymond   Extended Flexibility   Trumpet
Navarro, Fats   Trumpet Chorus Book   Trumpet
Plog, Anthony   Etudes & Duets Book I   Trumpet (and other treble clef instruments)
Quinque, Rolf   ASA Jazz   Trumpet
Quinque, Rolf   ASA-Know-How   Trumpet
Quinque, Rolf   ASA Methode   Trumpet
Quinque, Rolf   ASA-Technik   Trumpet
Reskin, Charles   Summer Dances, A ballet for brass quintet   Brass Quintet
Score and Parts
Reskin, Charles  Edition: BIM Junioir Series  Easy Trumpet Outings   Trumpet
12 Etudes and 11 Duets for trumpet
Reskin, Charles   Advanced Trumpet Outings, Book 1   Trumpet
16 Etudes and 13 Duets for trumpet
Reskin, Charles   Advanced Trumpet Outings, Book 2   Trumpet
4 Etudes and 14 Duets for trumpet
Reskin, Charles   Intermediate Trumpet Outings   Trumpet
2 Etudes and 12 Duets
Includes a free download mp3 accompaniment
Intermediate difficulty - grade 3-4
Sampson, David   Morning Pages   Trumpet
16 Etudes and 13 Duets for trumpet
Stamp, James   Supplemental Studies to the original Warm-Ups and Studies with CD   Trumpet
With CD accompaniments in Bb and C
Stevens, Thomas   Changing Meter Studies   Trumpet (or other brass treble instrument)
Stevens, Thomas   After Schlossberg
Tarr, Edward   The Trumpet
This text, long out of print, is always highly sought-after. We have located and acquired a small number of copies of this important reference title and so are now pleased to be able to make it available to our customers. Please note that the copies available are second-hand items, and as such may be missing the original dustcover, may show some markings, may have been recovered, or may have markings indicating that they were formerly the property of a library. However, they are all in good legible condition with no pages missing or other serious damage.
Thompson, James   The Buzzing Book, Complete Method   Trumpet and other Treble Clef Brass Instruments
New edition, with MP3 file of the accompaniments available for free download online rather than in physical CD form
Bach, J.S.  Edition: Sawyer, John, arr.  12 Etudes (from Goldberg Variations)   trumpet
Bach, J.S.  Edition: Glover, Stephen L., arr.  24 Studies (from Well Tempered Clavier)   Trumpet
Belfrage, Bengt   Overstrain Injuries in Brass Players: A Brass-Player's Testament
Text in English

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