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Saint-Saens, Camille   Concertpiece, Opus 94 (Morceau de Concert)   Horn and Piano
Sperger, Johann M.   Concerto in Eb Major   Corno da Caccia (Horn) and Piano
Vignery, Jane   Sonata   Horn and Piano
von Krufft, Nikolaus   Sonata in F   Horn and Piano
Arnold, Malcolm   Concerto no. 2, op. 58   Horn and Piano
Kiel, August  Edition: Lovstad  Concerto, op. 23   Horn and Piano
Kogan, Lev   Chabad   Horn and Piano
Kogan, Lev   Nigunim Hassidic Tunes   Horn and Piano
Madsen, Trygve   Sonata, op. 24   Horn and Piano
Plagge, Wolfgang   Sonata no. 3, op. 88   Horn and Piano
Punto, Giovanni (Stich, Johann Wentzel)  Edition: KaWe  Concerto no. 5 in F Major   Horn and Piano
Saint-Saens, Camille   Morceau de Concert, op. 94   Horn and Piano
Turner, Kerry   Sonata for Horn and Piano   Horn and Piano
Van Eechaute, Prosper   Nachtpoëma (Poème Nocturne)   Horn and Piano
Bitsch   Variations sur une Chanson Française   Horn and Piano
Busser   Chasse De Saint Hubert   Horn in F and Piano
Planel   Legende   Horn in F and Piano
Rueff, Jeanine   Cantilene   Horn in F and Piano
Tomasi, Henri   Concerto for Horn and Orchestra   Horn and Piano
Abbott, Alan  Edition: Boosey & Hawkes Chamber Music  Alla Caccia   Horn and Piano
Alfvén, Hugo   Notturno Elegiaco   Horn and Organ (or Piano)
Arnold, Malcolm   Concerto no. 1, op. 11   Horn and Piano
Atterberg, Kurt   Concerto in A Minor, op. 28   Horn and Piano
Beethoven, Bernstein, Copland, Lees, Mozart, Schoeck, Strauss, Vinter   The Boosey and Hawkes Horn Anthology   Horn and Piano

BEETHOVEN: Sonata, Op. 17
BERNSTEIN: A Simple Song from Mass
BERNSTEIN: Elegy for Mippy I
BERNSTEIN: Psalm 23 from Chichester Psalms
COPLAND: Billy and His Sweetheart from Billy the Kid
COPLAND: The Little Horses from Old American Songs, Set 2
COPLAND: Zion's Walls from Old American Songs, Set 2
LEES: Concerto for French Horn and Orchestra
MOZART: Concerto for Horn and Orchestra, K.V. 495
SCHOECK: Concerto for Horn and String Orchestra, Op. 65
STRAUSS: Andante, Op. posth.
STRAUSS: Concerto No. 2 for Horn in E-flat and Chamber Orchestra, First Movement
VINTER: Hunter's Moon
Bennett, Richard Rodney   Sonata, Horn and Piano   Horn & Piano
Bennett, Richard Rodney   Romances, Horn and Piano   Horn & Piano
Bissill, Richard   Time & Space   Two Horns and Piano
Clearfield, Andrea   Songs of the Wolf   Horn and Piano
Clearfield, Andrea   Into the Falcon's Eye   Two Horns and Piano
Danzi, Franz   Concerto in E Major   Horn and Piano

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